Sunday, June 13, 2010

Want to Invest in Stocks ? An Excellent Introduction To Investing Basics

I just came across an amazing video lecture series by Salman Khan, (not the actor)  of the Khan Academy. He was an employee of a hedge fund company before resigning to make videos full time. His youtube channel has millions of views and it has changed lives of lot of people. He says he got the inspiration to quit working in the hedge fund company after he received this mail from one youtube user.

    Mr. Khan,No teacher has ever done me any good--this may sound harsh but I mean it quite literally. I was force fed medication to keep me from talking and chastised for not speaking out when called on. Where I am from blacks are not welcomed with open arms into schools--my mother and her sisters had to go to a small shack two hours from home when they went to school. About five years ago my family collected enough money to move from where i was born, so that I could have a chance at having an education and living a real life. But without a real mastery of elementary math I was slow to progress. I am now in college and learning more than I ever have in my life. But an inadequate math background has been holding me back. I found the Kahn Academy in June of 2009, right after I completed Math 141 ( a college algebra course). I have spent the entire summer on your youtube page. And I just wanted to thank you for everything you are doing. You are a Godsend. Last week I tested for a math placement exam and I am now in Honors Math 200. No question was answered incorrectly. My placement test holder was so impressed by the breadth of my knowledge of math that he said I should be in Linear algebra. Mr. Khan, I can say without any doubt that you have changed my life and the lives of everyone in my family. I wish you and the Khan Academy the best of luck,

His channel has about 4100 videos, which he created working part-time. It is really amazing.

India is an attractive destination for investing in the stock market. But if you don't know what to look for while investing you might end up loosing a lot of money. With this aim, i was looking for good startup tutorials on investing. And this series by Sal is a good answer for that. Just check it out and you will be thankful.I am embedding the first video of the series here for sampling

Thanks Khan. You are inspiring.
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