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Neethone Aaagena Sangeetham - Lyrics - Rudraveena

This is a song sung by K.J Yesudas in the movie Rudraveena starring Chiranjeevi. Amazing song, you can listen to it here.

Here I am writing only the lyrics.. without the swaras and sarigama
Let me know if there are any  mistakes, as I just listened and wrote this song. My friend Sandy asked for it.

SO here it is...


neethone aagena sangeetham..bilahari...
neethone aagena sangeetham..

bilahari ani piluvakunte...swara vilasam marchukunte..aaripodu gaanajyothi..
 neeethone aagena sangeetham...


saagarala raagahela aagi poyi moogadauna…
sagarala raagahela aagi poyi moogadauna…
yugaluga jagana  daari chupaga anantamaina kaanthi dhara posina
akhandamai prabhakarudu jvalinchada nirantharam
akhandamai prabhakarudu jvalinchada nirantharam....

neethone aagena sangeetham…


vihanga swanala dhvaninchu raagam edi... taranga swarala janinchu geetham edi..
vihanga swanala dhvaninchu raagam edi... taranga swarala janinchu geetham edi..

Gaali gonthu nerchukunna gaana saasthra grandhamedi…ye gnanam aaa naadam

Peruleka pedadouna... mrovutunna vaana veena…
Peruleka pedadouna... mrovutunna vaana veena…
alankarinchi saagutunna velalo,
Yedari paalu kaada gnanavahini..
vinamrathe tyajinchithe  vishadame phalam kada..
vinamrathe tyajinchithe  vishadame phalam kada…
... neethone aagena sangeetham…maga padha neethone…


neethone aagena sangeetham..bilahari...
neethone aagena sangeetham..

bilahari ani piluvakunte...swara vilasam marchukunte..aaripodu ganajyothi..
neeethone aagena sangeetham...

(Thanks to Ravi Kiran for the lyrics)

English translation of this song: 
Context: Bilahari Ganapati sastri (BGS) is a famous singer, who created the Bilahari raga and which was added to his name in his honor.He has a student who loves his daughter. He doesn't want to accept his the marriage,  he has to accept as his daughter went too far with him. In the marriage of his daughter, when his son-in-law says that -after the marriage he shouldn't sing this song again in public with Bilahari raaga to insult him. Then Chiranjeevi, Bilahari sastri's son enters the stage and sings this song defending his father.

Will this music stop with you .. Bilahari...
Will this music stop with you

Even if bilahari is not sung,
Even if different tune is used,
the lamp of knowledge doesn't stop burning,
Will this music stop with you..

will the music of the seas ever stop
will the music of the seas ever stop
Even after guiding through the ages by giving us infinite light,
doesn't the sun shine brightly even incessantly?
doesn't the sun shine brightly even incessantly? Will this music stop with you?

What is the raga in the sound of the skies? What is the song sung by the waves?
Where the book of music you learnt from Gaali (air)? which talam is that nadam ??

will the playing divine veena become poor because it doesn't have any name?
will the playing divine veena become poor because it doesn't have any name?
when it is transcending the worlds, doesn't it become like an oasis in the desert?
When you leave your humility, sadness will result
When you leave your humility, sadness will result

Will this music stop with you ??

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My New Android Smartphone - Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S

I was thinking of buying an android phone from long time. I was very close to buying Droid X phone. But I was not sure if I will be able to honor the two yr contract I would have to take had I bought it from Verizon. The contract breakage charge was restrictively high. When I learnt that T-mobile was offering Samsung Galaxy phone with a lesser contract breakage and for a lesser cost, I jumped at it and lapped it up. I received the phone yesterday and I have been playing with it from then.
It feels amazing to use it. It is very light and it has 4 inches AMOLED screen which is very bright. You can really watch videos on it and they feel real. The touchscreen experience is also very good. After using the scroller where you just do a scrolling motion with your finger, my previous experience of clicking a button to scroll down would just doesn't appeal anymore. I am not attempting a review here. I am just listing the facts which I liked. The concept of home screens is good. Whatever you want you can create a shortcut on the homescreen and without going to menu inside menu, you can just click it from there. It comes close to a laptop experience rather than a phone experience.
All google applications like GMail, Maps, Talk  are very well intergrated into the phone. Though typing is not very easy, with Swype application practice, you can type without much effort. Phone is good and it syncs contacts from google so it is amazing. It syncs photos from picasa etc. So whatever photos are there in picasa you can directly view here.
One special application I loved is the Amazon Kindle application. The experience of reading a book is very very good. I already read a novel Gone Green on the phone. I definitely see myself reading more books on the phone.
5 mp camera is very very good. The clarity of the pictures is amazing. The calendar app is synced with google calendar and it will give me reminder of events from google calendar also. I think this is very useful in staying organized and it would definitely increase my productivity. One more thing which I love is the voice search app. You just have to speak into the phone your search query instead of typing and it works very well. Very very useful.
On the flip side, the screen has the full original resolution i.e 960x800 px and the photos you set a wallpapers don't automatically get re sized as in other feature phones and you have to select an area which you want to set as wallpaper. This fact will take some time getting used to. Also there are no good telugu songs streaming apps for Android. has an application for iPhone but not for Android I don't like that fact. But they have a  mobile website which uses flash. Android 2.2 has flash but the version of android on my phone is just 2.1. Samsung says it will update to 2.2 by end of this year so hopefully I should be able to stream songs on my phone directly.
Update 1: The battery life is not really great. But if you play a lot with the phone, it will get discharged pretty soon. For normal usage you can get by with charging once a day, but if you want to browse on it or play games on it, I think you cannot use it more than 6-7 hrs continuously. It seems the display is taking most of the battery. So I switched to reading books in white letters on black screen instead of the default black letters on white screen.
On the whole, very satisfied with the phone.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A suggestion for Gmail Team

Image representing Gmail as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBaseMy Gmail Inbox looks like a trash box with more emails from subscribed newsletters or notifications from different web-services than from real persons :)
Notifications are basically worthless after the use. One person has commented on you blog from disqus. XXX has written on your wall from Facebook. You account balance is xxx from Bank Of America. You get the point. The message is not worth after it is read. Ofcourse, Gmail used to say - "Who wants to delete an email with this much storage?" But now they have provided a delete button.
My suggestion is that they should have an easy way to delete all the notifications after 15 days or 30 days after we get them. They can create a addon for that or they can create a template service which can delete the notifications, but it requires the user to add the  notification sender email to the list. This way user will have control over what notifications he wants to delete and what he wants to keep. I think it will help a lot in keeping the inbox a lot less cluttered and the volume of email manageable.
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

What education in school should be...

I feel that education should help us discover ourselves and a good value based education to be the solution for lot of the ills plaguing the world. 
I discovered a wonderful article on the mindset of children at gayatrivantillu searching for some recipes. I was amazed with that and I reproduce the whole article verbatim here.

Can we really provide what our Child wants?

Following are the two articles which appeared in Hindu a new paper in India. Reading both these articles would definitely make us ponder on the captioned topic.


Inumella Sesikala in Hindu dated 08/11/09
Amma, I don’t want to go to school.
I am just a child, Ma. I want someone to tell me stories and teach me. I want to watch tadpoles and butterflies and know what they eat, where they sleep. I want to climb a hill and catch a cloud to see what it is made of.
I want to wait with my hands in the stream and feel the fish swimming.
I want to run with the puppies, sing with the birds, and play with paper-boats in the rain.
I want to lie down on the soft green grass and hear the wind whisper.
Only then I want to learn more about them from the printed word.
Only after my imagination is fired, my thirst to know more has begun, a seed of ‘Why?’ is planted in my brain.
Amma, I feel trapped in the prison-like classroom. I feel my spirit slowly weakening with the monotonous teaching. Often, when I ask a basic question our teachers say, “No time for all that. Let us finish the syllabus.”
I get tired of studying just for marks without pausing to truly understand.
I want to go to the museum with my classmates and hear my teacher explain the stories of the artefacts.
I want plenty of nature trips where real Biology classes would be held.
I want to see colourful videos of volcanic eruptions and deep-sea dwellings.
I want our whole school to visit together the historic and cultural places in my city.
I want to learn astronomy after looking through a telescope once.
I don’t want to just read them in my textbooks; I want to see, hear, touch, smell and taste whatever I can. I want to experience.
Why can’t the school make at least one such trip every year?
And, I cannot stoop down anymore to carry my school sack. My back is ready to break. Why should I carry all the books everyday? Why can’t we have only two subjects per day? Or, why don’t we have lockers like in the Western schools? And, why should I squeeze in that over-crowded auto?
But, Amma, growing up no longer seems to be fun. I see only more of homework, winter projects, summer classes, weekly tests, monthly tests, quarterly, half-yearly and annual exams, external competitive exams, more tests, more competitions, more pressure, more stress…
When can I sing, paint, dance, swim, or cycle?
When I can just play cricket or even hide-and-seek?
What happened to that minimum sleep that you always say a child needs?
Why should I always study, study?
Amma, I am scared of increasing atrocities by untrustworthy teachers, ragging-raving seniors, acid-loving nuts, perverted adults…
Ma, right now, I don’t want to be a doctor, engineer or anything else.
I just want to feel safe and secure, play and learn without any stress before I become an adult like you.
I only want to enjoy my childhood, Ma.
The former President, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, writes in Hindu dated 12/11/09:
I was happy to see the article “I only want to enjoy my childhood, ma” by Inumella Sesikala (Open Page, Nov. 8). I liked the article very much, which is a dream of every child. Creativity of children has to come out from the classroom. Some of us had such opportunities. Our children should go to primary school only at the age of six. Till then, we have to promote creativity of the children with great teachers and an innovative classroom environment.
Yesterday, when I was reading the book Spiritual Intelligence, The Ultimate Intelligence by Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall, I came across the poem, “ The Student’s prayer.”
“The young son of a Chilean biologist, Umberto Maturana, became unhappy at school because he felt his teachers were making it impossible for him to learn. They wanted to teach him what they knew, rather than drawing out what he needed to learn. As a result Maturana wrote “ The Student’s Prayer”, of which this translation is an abridged version. It perfectly expresses the spiritually intelligent individual’s response to the conforming pressures of parents, teachers, bosses or the crowd.
The Student’s Prayer
Don’t impose on me what you know,
I want to explore the unknown
And be the source of my own discoveries.
Let the known be my liberation, not my slavery.
The world of your truth can be my limitation;
Your wisdom my negation.
Don’t instruct me; let’s walk together.
Let my richness begin where yours ends.
Show me so that I can stand
On your shoulders.
Reveal yourself so that I can be
Something different.
You believe that every human being
Can love and create.
I understand, then, your fear
When I ask you to live according to your wisdom.
You will not know who I am
By listening to yourself.
Don’t instruct me; let me be.
Your failure is that I be identical to you.”
I thought, there is a connectivity among young hearts even beyond ocean — “I only want to enjoy my childhood, ma” and “The Student’s Prayer.”

It gives an amazing clarity about how teaching school kids should be. 
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Tagged: Confessions

Sandy, tagged me to take this forward.
The tags idea is to confess certain things about me. I can tell a lot of things but I will tell you some things which are on top of my mind now.

1. I am looking for ways in which I can make some difference with the skills, I have developed in the IT industry. Specifically, I am looking for ways to contribute to java based web or stand alone applications. It can be open-source or closed source. I know there are many ways to contribute to open source projects, but I am looking for a co-worker or a mentor, especially on android, google app engine and HTML 5.

2. I have a lot of dreams, and if you have read atleast three posts from my blog, surely you would have noticed it. So what is my current dream - dreaming of a machine called 'Omnitor' which is a  self assembling vehicle which can run on land, water or air. This thought occured after reading about the deadly air plane crash in Islamabad, Pakistan. I feel it can be done and that some research should happen on this angle to make air-travel safer. I will write a post about it later.

3. I am also thinking about meeting a man who disconnected himself from the grid to live completely on solar energy. Yes, he generates solar energy during summer months and even stores that by electrolyzing water and storing the hydrogen. He then uses this hydrogen to generate electricity in winter months. He says he is net energy positive and there is no need for maintainence of the equipment. I see the future here. It costed a lot of money to set this up. So I was thinking of how to do that. Is this replicable. How to achieve this a lesser cost etc.

4. Ofcourse, this is nothing new in India but the pervasive corruption in Commonwealth Games organization again made me cringe.Also Rajesh's Jains new series 'Pretty Good Principles' for India also made me think of how to stop this corruption. I have heard that Singapore was able to eliminate corruption in one single generation. Read Atanu Dey's Lee Kuan Yew on India posts to understand the leader of Singapore. Hope India has one leader of that calibre.

 5. I am reading the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray and I am amazed by the revelations in that book. I find that patterns to be true. Following his suggestions has surely improved my way of correspondence with my wife and also made the relation even lovlier. You can catch the summaries at my book summary blog.

I know, I know, these don't amount to confessions, but I feel 'real' confessions don't help anyone. They just rock a smooth sailing boat. So instead of that follow any of the above links and be transported into what my thinking is.

I ask Ketan, Srinivas and Vyshu to carry forward this tag. Also do let me know @thisisananth if you have any clues regarding the first one.