Sunday, October 5, 2008

Inspiring Lyrics

Yesterday I came across these lyrics in a song. I have heard this song many times but never noticed these lyrics... which mean

Oh boat, keep going without stopping ,
Bowing your head to waves will not shorten the path,
Did you win over the fierce winds and
reach your hearts sweet destiny ..!!!

Written by Veturi in movie Swarnakamalam... Directed by Viswanath. K

పరుగాపక పయనించవే తలపుల నావ,
కెరటాలకు తలవంచితే తరగదు త్రోవా,
ఎదిరించిన సుడిగాలిని జయించినావా,
మది కోరిన మధుసీమలు వరించి రావా...

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