Monday, April 6, 2009

Vote For LokSatta

People dont need pity or handouts.. What they want is confidence and equal opportunity. Each person is and has to be responsible for his life. Dont encourage parties who think they can make people live their lives without taking that responsibility.

Go OUT and VOTE... If you dont vote, you have no right to complain...

I personally prefer LOKSATTA, as it is the only party that understands that it has to make people responsible for their progress and governments only role is to create an equal opportunity ground.

Yes there are people who are needy and for whom a more direct financial help is absolutely required - but that shouldnt be the only goal, he has to develop where he should be able to fend for himself as well as become a contributor.

Vote, take people to vote and vote responsibly.

Update: watch this slideshare presentation how Loksatta is different from all other political parties