Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some Random Reflections about 'Counting Your Blessings'

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Just read a post 'Counting My Blessings' at Vyshu's blog. Ofcourse it made me about things I like and feel blessed about. But it made me think of something else too...

In your life you have had some people who like you but somehow you have not had that much liking for them as much as they have... and there are some people whom you like very much but it feels as if there is not much reciprocation... And sometimes it feels as if I have to somehow like those people who like me but how much ever I try I find that an unsatisfying pursuit. They just don't seem to sustain my interest. I am thinking hard if it is because of a prejudice on my part? Or is it because of my inability to see them right? Do you feel blessed for such love existing in your life?

After much thought on this, I came to the conclusion that it might be possible that we might look interesting to some people whom we may not find interesting enough and we might find some other people interesting to us to whom we might not seem much interesting. It is quite natural for thing like this to happen and am just thinking of the possibility where each person find the other interesting. That might just spark a super spiral of emotional growth , happiness, bliss and purpose.

Is it a romantic thought or not I don't know. Is it the right thing or not I will not know but my heart revels in the fact that something like this is possible...There is a longing which never disappears... Have you ever felt like this ever?

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