Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wow.. development is very interesting again..

I joined in my first job in 2006 and the first year of work was very interesting in that I learnt new things and discovered the wonder of programming. Then it started wearing off as the more I learnt for what was required in my job and got better at that. The learning began to plateau and so did the excitement to work. But it all changed  again and I find myself very excited to program and develop because of the development of smartphones. There are two factors for that.

Always on devices: Previously if we developed an software application, we have to have a system to use it. This would disqualify most of the people in our country because not everyone has a system. Even for those who have a system, they are not always in front of a computer. But the smartphone changes that. now we have a computer which is always on with lot of sensors in it which highly increases the number and variety of practical applications that could be built.

Accessible Development: Previously developing and releasing an application was a non-trivial thing. But now a days, development of a trivial application using android is a breeze and it is easy to release it and update it which makes it easy to develop an application and continously improve it. Though this may not be a big reason for people who are used to developing applications, I feel it has greatly lowered the barrier to entry for developing apps and it plays big role in making me jump into it.

So if you have any great ideas and want to implement it, then just dive in and start developing. If you are a good android developer and are interested in developing a cool app, get in touch with me  at

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