Monday, January 8, 2018

Mind your environment

Last week we have seen how we can make lasting progress by going slow and steady. I've tried to follow the rules I've laid out but still the progress was hit or miss. So I tried to diagnose what was the reason for that. I've made time for my work and made the work enjoyable, but still I couldn't really make a chain. The reason I realized was because of the environment.

Though I made time for doing the work, I didn't make sure the environment is conducive for that work. Especially just going on the internet was sure to make distract me from my work and take me to alternative places from where I couldn't return back to work.

So I decided to rework on creating an environment that supports the work I'm going to do. I created a bright line rule of no internet when doing work that doesn't need it - NOT EVEN ONCE. That is because it is easy to do something 100% of the time than 90% of the time. If I make an exception once, it will be easy to justify to myself to make another etc and soon I will be away from my work.

So for any thing you want to do, think through what is essential for that work and try to have them ready. Now decide what is not necessary for that work and make sure you put those things away completely. Next make sure you are in a place where there will be no interruptions to the work you're doing.

It seems that - make/mind your environment - is extra important among the rules for slow and steady progress. So have fun making/minding your environment and see how your progress becomes steadier

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