Monday, June 18, 2018

A home robot - what does it need ?

In our personal life, we spend a lot of time organizing, cooking and cleaning. If it is possible to automate these on any level even if it is not intelligent, it can save at least one hour a day easily.

So I want to work on making robots do these things in narrow domains. The state of the art ai is just now learning to pick all sorts of things.

For organizing, an ai has to identify the homes for each thing, grab the thing and put it there. If the space is full, it has to think of an alternate space and put it there. It has to understand when something can be discarded and then discard it. So it should be able to move and access all the storage spaces and also identify what thing is important/ unimportant and make decisions accordingly.

For the cleaning ai, it should also have capabilities to handle solids and liquids. It has to understand how tightly or softly it has to grip stuff - what is clean and what is unclean and how to get from unclean to clean. It should be able to access cleaning utilities and also know how to use them. It should also know where such stuff is available in a home and should be able to access them.

Cooking is even more complex and would need to understand the basics of cooking. It should also handle different kinds of stuff (hard, soft, wet, dry, powdery, thin, thick etc). It should also be able to identify textures to know if something is done or not even to follow existing recipes. It should be able to cut, mix, saute and other cooking related actions.

All of these should understand the humans in the house, interact with them, follow their directions but not do them any harm.

I think each of these increase in complexity and it will be interested to see how each will be approached and solved. I am interested in these use cases and will be keeping an out on the advances here. 

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