Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Why the rush?

When I see my son, I realize how ineffective rushing things are. I was like that and I'm still like that. My previous manager used to tell me to take it slow. I now see clearly that is another case of a hyperactive mind. We want to complete the work quick and dirty and go to the next thing. But it begs the question what next and why ? It really doesn't make sense. It just becomes an excuse to not really tackle the hard bits. Because getting to 70% is easy, the next 30% is the difficult part. If we are impatient, we are tempted to skip over that 30%. But if we are going slowly but steadily, we can stomach the tough parts slowly and try to work through that.

When I'm in the office in the morning, I just say good morning and keep rushing to my desk. Why is that necessary? Why can't I stop at someone's desk and ask them how their day is. It is literally stopping and smelling the roses isn't it? I really am appreciating this slow and steady way of doing things. 

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