Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friendship --- My thoughts

I was a bit of loner during my childhood... May be I dreamt a lot and had my own dream world and hence couldnt identify with anyone else... ..

But after seeing, observing and reading about friends, I liked these excerpts taken from various sources

From Dave's blog:

I learned that a friend is someone I trust to be with me when I am at my weakest and most vulnerable. And they are people who, no matter how painful it is to see, are willing to be with me when I am so helpless and weak. If I would trust my life with you, and vice versa, we are friends. It’s not about whether you are trustworthy, or whether you are friendly, it’s the actual act of trust that is the basis of friendship. If I trust you to be truthful, then you’re a friend. If I find I must be careful how I say things, then it’s something other than friendship.

Friendship is not a state of mind, it’s an act. It’s something you do, it’s not about whether you’re good or not, it’s not a reflection of you, it’s a balanced relationship between people. That doesn’t mean it’s always balanced at every moment. Sometimes you “need a friend” and other times it’s the other way. It’s a trust that’s returned.

One of my best friends, when posed with this question answered it this way --- who will not let his friend go away from his life.. and will do any help when he requires.. to be frank
God gives Mother as our best friend.. and we choose a friend almost equal to her

This is the definition of a friend, should show unconditional love like a mother...but it cannot be so unconditional also... But it should be fine as long as trust is retained....

But if a friend does any mistake, it is our responsibility to say it is wrong, make them understand why it is wrong and give chance to correct them... If you always judge how can we love them.. Only this way does a relationship grow strong but not by leaving a friend at the first instance.

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