Thursday, November 27, 2008

Terrorism... What to say of it

Just saw the heart wrenching news of terrorist attacks in Mumbar where upto 180 people were killed. Terrorists used bombs, Ak 47s, hand grenades etc as they wished. Our security apparatus completely failed in stopping this.. I dont know when we could stop a terrorist attack. The situation is going out of hand. The situation is resembling anarchy, wherein the terrorists are doing whatever they want.

But what do they want? Is this the only way to get what they want? It really seems that there is no end in sight.. Some miracle should happen and somehow the terrorism should be abolished...

The Mumbai Terror attack is really bad news and making me lose hope in our security....

But life has to go on.. We have to get on with our work... But not without putting up a fight with those heartless, inhuman terrorists who have been so brainwashed that they feel doing that is a great thing.

Hope that the government is able to take the terrorists, know about its workings and bring the perpetrators to book. The terrorists have to have a better way of letting know their problems, their issues than this.. This is not acceptable. Our politicians have to face themselves and ask the question if they are responsible for this by showing nepotism, favoritism and by turning blind eye to corruption which made the lives of all the underprevileged people difficult so that they have resorted to such means. Every MLA,MP to ward memeber should really try to understand his community to see if all the issues are addressed and they should instil hope and confidence that every person need not resort to arms to get simple things done and that it is possible for an honest person to live there. If conditions are so good, there is no way our people could be swayed by the terrorist ideologies. If you ignore the basics of good governance and rule of law, this is what happens. I am not anyway supporting the atocrities committed by the terrorists, but I want to emphasize on the point that it is high time the root cause of the menace be tackled.

Update: Just wanted to add the words said by Thich Nhat Hanh in Shanghai on the 19th of October, after the September 11th tragedy:

”Terror is in the human heart. We must remove it from the heart. The root of terrorism is misunderstanding, hatred and violence. This root cannot be located by the military. Bombs and missiles cannot reach it, let alone destroy it. Only through the practice of finding calm and looking deeply within can our insight reveal and identify this root. Only with the practice of deep listening and compassion can terror be transformed and removed. Darkness cannot be dissipated with more darkness. Only light can dissipate darkness. Those of us who have the light should display the light and offer it so that the world will not sink into total darkness."

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