Saturday, December 13, 2008

iGoogle themes for a cause

Google is an amazing company...
Not just because it makes my life easy by providing the information I require in seconds, but because of their commitment to improve the world...
Visit for their projects other than bread earners which are developed in labs.

Almost every product they have introduced has filled in a requirement for which there was no easy way before, my favorite products include gmail, gtalk, iGoogle, google news, notebook, maps and phone search.. I think each product deserves mention on this list but I should say I am addicted to igoogle.

Today they have announced themes for a cause where they have put up links for donation to various NGO's and charities. Its a great way to profile and introduce the organizations trying to reach people. My interests include education and clean energy.

I would like to introduce a few changemakers they have profiled one in each post.

Ashoka: Founded by Bill Drayton, a Mickensly manager, is one of the best changemaker. Ashoka's job is to make Everyone a Changemaker. It through its 'Global Collaboration Challenge' tries to identify those programs which can make the maximum impact for the society and support them. They select Ashoka fellows and ensure collaboration between them and finally help build the infrastructure for that progress to happen and thrive. Mohammed Yunus, is one of the famous Ashoka fellows. It is not a non-profit organization like others as they think themselves as social entrepreneurs and the societal change as the profit.

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