Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Avatar - A visual Treat

Avatar (2009 film)Image via Wikipedia

Yes, I watched the much awaited James Cameroon movie Avatar and true to it stands true to what has been said about it. It is a visual masterpiece. The story premise is simple. There are lot of themes in the story but that is not what makes it a must watch.

He created an absolutely believable CG world. There are Navis and other fauna of the jungle, the modified dogs, which look villianous, some other varieties of animals, the birds on which the Na'vi people fly are also amazing. But the most wowwwwwwwwing things are the flora on the planet. The plant life showed will take your breath away. The glittering plants, the tree where the souls of the dead Na'vi lie is superb. The mountains and waterfalls are also amazing.

In the middle of the movie, humans attack the planet and there is destruction everywhere and the resemblence of the damaged Pandora to earth is unmistakable. Cameroon hits his point home with the appearance of the planet before and after the war. By the time the first strike happens, you will be rooting for the Na'vi and their breath taking world and earthlings feel villians to us.

The hero after a few visits to the Na'vi world says " The forest looks so real , whereas this world (The world of Humans) looks fake to me". After the movie ends I was having the same thoughts craving for more of Pandora and their beautiful environs:)

I watched it in a 2D theatre and definitely plan to watch it in 3-D.
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