Thursday, December 17, 2009

Separate Telangana or United Andhra - The Way Forward?

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When on Nov 29th, KCR started an indefinite fast for separation of Telangana from AP, no one would have thought that he will get it. But the congress govt. surprised everyone by announcing the formation of Telangana state on Dec 9th. All the parties namely TDP,PRP and the left except the Congress were supportive of the Telangana cause then. All the parties have done a volte face and started working towards Unified Andhra pradesh...

Assembly is adjourned sine die and there is no work that is going on in the state. Most of the MLAs from Andhra and Rayalaseema region have resigned and they are working towards a united Andhra Pradesh.

Looking at the historical facts that surround Telangana, it is clear that having a separate state is good for Telangana and the need is also there. Time and Time all the promises made to Telangana have been violated and the situation is right for a separate Telangana.

But there is no movement on the issue, what can be done - The Centre has to invite TRS and the leaders from the united movement to come for a discussion. As TRS leaders say that they will wait till 2014 elections for Telangana, the Centre can ask for certain demands of Telangana which will be fulfilled by 2014 and implement all the guarantees of the 'Gentlemen Agreement' given during the formation of AP. Centre can broker that peace deal such that if those conditions are not met, the United leaders have to peacefully agree for separation and if all the guarantees and safeguards are implemented, then I think the Telangana movement will die down peacefully.

Its time of redemption for Telangana people and they have to be convinced that staying together will be best course of action for all involved and not only for Andhra people who have invested in Hyderabad. That way the situation can be resolved amicably.
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