Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Things which I miss in Chrome

I being behind a corporate firewall, am not allowed to use only IE6, the buggy browser from Microsoft. I had made a passionate plea to my company's IT team to allow us the luxury of using any other browser like Firefox or Chrome. But they never relented. Even with many companies pleading against using IE6 through IE6NoMore as it takes lot of time of porting their applications on IE6, it still remains the most used browser on the internet. I being a junkie for all things google, tried the google's browser chrome the day it was released and fell in love with it instantly. It matured quite fast from the bugs which stopped many websites from being loaded on Chrome to adding themes first and extensions next.

But I still Mozilla firefox, the browser which really let us know that there is an alternative to the boring and bug ridden IE6 for two things

One being the very well written firebug plugin. Chrome has something called developer tools which provides some of the functionalities provided by Firebug that it is not complete. There is a firebug plugin available for chrome here but the user comments under it suggest that it is extremely buggy. So whenever I have to work on a css issue, i will fire up my firefox and work on it.

Another thing which I miss in chrome is the CHM reader. I have many ebooks in chm format but they are not opening these days in IE due to some security update by Microsoft but that file can be easily opened in firefox in the CHM Reader addon. I hope these plugins are soon available in Chrome and I stop using other browsers completely.

Do you use chrome. If so what else do you think it misses?

Ofcourse, still some bank sites dont open well in chrome and still have to be viewed in IE6. Shame on them.!!!!

I think IE6NoMore website is directly targeted towards them
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