Monday, March 8, 2010

I - My first story...

Two left hands forming an outline of a heart s...

I tried to sleep but couldn't. I close my eyes and see her beaming smiles. I tossed around the bed and I hear the rhythmic sound of her anklets . I open my eyes, I looked into the room which was pitch dark. Feeling restless, I thought of calling her. Seeing the time, I decided not to... Ohh..what has my life become..?

I was never like this, I am what as you people call 'Ramudu Manchi Baludu'. I used to do my work followed the maxim, "Early to bed, Early to rise". My mind fed with scientists and inventions, never couldn't why people suddenly started reacted differently when smitten with love. Till I met this girl. I was completely blown away.She was my colleague at work. First it started with going to coffee together. From here, I started going to coffee to be together with her. We became good friend and I have having lovely time.

Till one day when
She came and casually announced "My parents are searching for matches".
I said "Ohhh..really thats great news."
She just looked into my face once but again started smiling and then we talked normally.

But now I am sleepless, what to do.. Did she inform me that because she also liked me? or just like that? What if I let her know that I like her? Will she accept or does she treat me just like a friend? Or will she just shout on me saying - " How could you ever think like that?"

Even if she accepted how about making our families accept? Will she accept to marriage without parents accepting? Or will I marry her without the acceptance of my parents?? Is it possible.. If it is not possible, why should this happen at all?? Why Why Why? is worth living only with her.. otherwise its just dull .... With her every raindrop feels special, but without her, they just irritate me.. Should I tell or what if she will not accept?? Ohh..nooo....what to do..?????

My thoughts went like this and I don't remember when I slept... I was awaken by the sun shining on me and waking me out of my dreams to the harsh real world and again my thoughts continued.

Suddenly, I got a call from a long last friend that he was coming to my city and would like to meet me..I recieved him and he observed that I have a problem. I emptied myself out.....

He just smiled and said " Why do you complicate your life? Can you be happy without her? If not, why do you want to attempt doing that? "

I felt a little better, but my fears won't leave me alone.

For which he replied " Don't you feel that she enjoys your company? Didn't you see that chemistry between you? And do you want to regret this for your whole life? If not, get some guts and get going. If you just live in your brain and never live in the real world, then you will have to do it your whole.. Damn it, go get a life." He wished me best and left me.

Again, I was alone with my thoughts. Ohh..why could I not just tell her. Why don't I have the confidence to just plainly speak my feelings? But this negative talk will never help me. Thinking thus, I finally got the confidence and decided to take the plunge.

I went to her, trying to get a chance to empty my heart to her. As I tried to tell her, I got very excited. My pulse shot up and the hair on my hands rose. Ohh man, how terrifying it is... But but .... I gathered enough courage to look straight into her eyes and tell those three magical words.... I LOVE YOU... " And then she didn't reply... it felt like ages before she could speak and I skipped a heart beat.... She looked straight into my face and said - "You Einstein, I was afraid that you will never tell that." and embraced me in a tight hug...

PS: This is my first attempt at writing a story. And this story is a tribute to the director, Gautam Vasudev Menon, for the amazing way he shows love onscreen. Thanks Gautam. I have watched his Ye Maya Chesave yesterday and was blown by it and hence you just read the story now. His previous movie "Surya S/O Krishnan", "Gharshana", "Raghavan" all have excellent love stories. Hope you make many many such movies...
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