Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tagged: Confessions

Sandy, tagged me to take this forward.
The tags idea is to confess certain things about me. I can tell a lot of things but I will tell you some things which are on top of my mind now.

1. I am looking for ways in which I can make some difference with the skills, I have developed in the IT industry. Specifically, I am looking for ways to contribute to java based web or stand alone applications. It can be open-source or closed source. I know there are many ways to contribute to open source projects, but I am looking for a co-worker or a mentor, especially on android, google app engine and HTML 5.

2. I have a lot of dreams, and if you have read atleast three posts from my blog, surely you would have noticed it. So what is my current dream - dreaming of a machine called 'Omnitor' which is a  self assembling vehicle which can run on land, water or air. This thought occured after reading about the deadly air plane crash in Islamabad, Pakistan. I feel it can be done and that some research should happen on this angle to make air-travel safer. I will write a post about it later.

3. I am also thinking about meeting a man who disconnected himself from the grid to live completely on solar energy. Yes, he generates solar energy during summer months and even stores that by electrolyzing water and storing the hydrogen. He then uses this hydrogen to generate electricity in winter months. He says he is net energy positive and there is no need for maintainence of the equipment. I see the future here. It costed a lot of money to set this up. So I was thinking of how to do that. Is this replicable. How to achieve this a lesser cost etc.

4. Ofcourse, this is nothing new in India but the pervasive corruption in Commonwealth Games organization again made me cringe.Also Rajesh's Jains new series 'Pretty Good Principles' for India also made me think of how to stop this corruption. I have heard that Singapore was able to eliminate corruption in one single generation. Read Atanu Dey's Lee Kuan Yew on India posts to understand the leader of Singapore. Hope India has one leader of that calibre.

 5. I am reading the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray and I am amazed by the revelations in that book. I find that patterns to be true. Following his suggestions has surely improved my way of correspondence with my wife and also made the relation even lovlier. You can catch the summaries at my book summary blog.

I know, I know, these don't amount to confessions, but I feel 'real' confessions don't help anyone. They just rock a smooth sailing boat. So instead of that follow any of the above links and be transported into what my thinking is.

I ask Ketan, Srinivas and Vyshu to carry forward this tag. Also do let me know @thisisananth if you have any clues regarding the first one.

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