Sunday, April 18, 2010

Educating one child at a time.

One of my friend was discussing with me about a leader who is viewed as the man of the masses. While people lionise  him as a great leader who changed the face of A.P with many new water projects, insurance for the poor and free power and other doles. And now the new Chief minister has no option but to revert back all of those schemes, owing to the dire situation of finances in the state but still the old leader is one who is thought of a being  a great leader. This is all ignorance of what happened really.India spends large part of its GDP for education of its people but the results are poor. Atanu forcefully argues that the government of India has a vested interest in keeping all the people uneducated. Thats why I feel that education is a must for a change of the future of India. And hence education is one topic which is close to me in relation to development of India and of every person.
With all the negative news around, listening to one Ted talk has made me feel hopeful.

It was the talk of Shukla Bose, the founder of Parikrma Humanity Foundation in Ted. She says how they have started a school for children of slumdwellers. They teach them from KG till PUC, so that they can build the future of each child without caring about the numbers. They will give them meals three times, they will help if there are any problems in the family of the student. If all that is not enough, they teach these people in English medium in ICSE syllabus, the best syllabus in India. What made me feel so happy was that the children speaking English so fluently better than what I could speak at that time. It gives me so much hope that if the mode successfully replicated can do a lot to improve education in India.

Go watch the video here

They teach arts, music and sports too. There is a report done by Neilsen saying that the students have done a lot better compared to normal students in other government schools.

Their model is end to end education with emphasis on circle of life, education, healthcare, family care and nutrition. Not only regular teachers, but professors and other countries and universities like Stanford also give guest lectures here. Due to this the students grow in confidence that they are no way underprivileged compared to students in other schools. Also their activities are supported by many Corporates but I am sure, they could use your donations. To teach their method to other schools, they have started an Education Transformation Center. I wish them all the best and just imagine if there are more schools like this all over the country. If you are interested in contributing to a better India, surely this would be a great avenue.
Head over here to contribute. Parikrma has made India a lot better by educating just 'one child at a time.'

This is another step in the direction where real leaders will be hailed and people who earn hundreds of crores illegally and splash a crore on various populist schemes will be rightly nailed. Long way to go but a step in the right direction... Long live parikrma

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