Sunday, March 1, 2009

Back From Vacation...

Last week I took a one week vacation leave and went home. This was my first one week vacation after 3 years... It felt so good yet so different.. The weather of spring was very good and I had nostalgic memories of my school days when spring meant preparation for the exams. Ate, rested, relaxed and read to heart's content... 

Watched the oscar awards presentation and one quote by Rahman struck a chord with me - "All along my life, I got opportunities to choose between love and hate. I always chose love and it brought me here." I am also of the belief that at every turn we do get options to choose between them and what we choose makes all the difference. 

Thought of reading Silas Marner, but couldnt read beyond first few chapters. On the other side read few novels from telugu called 'Maa manchi Mastaru' which is about how a dedicated principal can change the hearts of the students as well as others in the neighbourhood. Next I read a novel called 'Chikatlo Chirudeepam' which is about how in this fast paced lives of two working parents, children are not getting the love they deserve and how it is affecting their lives. The author has captured all this in a very beautiful story about how such an ignored child becomes a drug addict and fortunately falls in the hands of a loving old man and a young girl who give him enough love for him to become normal and shine in the world. 

I am back in Hyderabad and I should get prepare my environment to eating healthier and staying healthier. 


  1. Man, first big vacation in 3 years?! I am glad you had it!! Hope in your new start, you come on with all (recharged) guns blazing!

  2. Thanks Ketan,
    Yup, fully recharged now :)