Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Lazy Day

As the first rays of sunlight, 
clear my mind of twilight...

I wake up with hopes great,
of filling a blank slate,
of pouring my passion,
to achieve my mission,
to create something with love,
and gift it to the world to have...

As the sun becomes bright and midday starts,
I wish away my romantic thoughts,
to feed my hunger and spend time in slumber,
to dream again and wake up and wonder,
what happened to the passion and mission?
which were so bright to my vision?

As the lazy day comes to dusky twilight,
I will just wait for the night,
viewing the flock of homecoming dove,
completing a day of toil for love,
teaching me to learn if I will,
its not the dreams that fulfill...

But it is  the sweat to realise the dream
that will make our hearts gleam... :)