Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is it Never Too Late or Is it ?

Sometimes things go wrong in our life or there are times when we think back to a decision we made with a regret that we would have not made it.

And if you really want to make a change, it is really never too late. But the too late is dependent on the expectations you have created for others either knowingly or unknowingly. If you know the right thing to do, then this is what you can do if you feel it is too late.

1. Have a conversation with the parties involved: - Clearly explain why do you want to reverse a decision or a commitment. Explain to them how it helps them. Explain why do you think it is the best thing to do for you. Explain why this is the only thing you want to do.

2. Be committed to your decision:- You may want to change or revert a decision but even after telling all your points the other parties are convinced it is not the best of your decisions and keep pressurizing you to maintain the status quo. But you should not give up then but stick to your decision.

3. Make the outcome your decision: - Now after those deliberations and due to the new views which you have garnered, you take a decision which might be the one you might have originally wanted to revert back or vice versa, own up your decision and act accordingly. Understand that too much water has passed under the bridge and now do full justice to the new decision.

Remember as George Elliot says it, " It is never too late for you to be the person you always wanted to be "

Ciao until next time.. :)

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