Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Celebrating the 100th Post.. Thanks to you

My Blogging Journey

I think I created my first blog in 2006. I thought it was a good way to make money. I think I was inspired from oniondosa.blogspot.com which was a blog about telugu movies. I created a blog (I dont remember the name) and wrote the review of movie Pokiri which I saw then and published. That was the only post in that blog. After that I couldn't continue it. Then I read many tech blogs which I still read today (Techcrunch, Gigaom, AVC) etc and then I was really hooked. I became so excited that my first post when I started this blog, my first post was My most visited websites in 2006. In January 2007, when I started this blog, I wrote about 18 posts on various topics.. Tech posts, recommendations, hot news, movie reviews etc.. but then the steam went out soon. In February there were no posts at all. And in 2007 I wrote just three more posts two in May and one in June. I restarted blogging again in October 2008 with emphasis on sharing what was going on in my mind and to share good links with everyone. I have gone pretty much strong from then with many posts on various topics. The topics which interested me was life, how to lead a good life, what is the aim of life and explored about relationships like love and friendship, social obligations like marriage and monogamy, my reactions on current topics like Mumbai attack, death of YSR, satyam fiasco and general elections and lyrics for a various songs I liked and enjoyed and reviews of books I have read and movies I have seen. Apart from these, I have written reactions to blog posts by various other authors like Seth Godin, Arundhati Roy etc.

The most popular post in this blog is a post of lyrics of the song Seheri in Oy movie. There are 22 comments in that, ofcourse half of them mine, but I was really happy about the way people have curated the lyrics and we ended up creating the complete lyrics. It was the first result in google for it then and it drove the traffic to the blog.

This blog is mostly a collection of thoughts which I think, of music, books, poems and lyrics and movies which I like and thoughts of other people which I am inspired to share.

Thank You All

I want to thank you all for visiting the blog and commenting. Your comments are the boost for my blog posts. I want to thank Ketan, Vyshu, Srinivas, Raj, Saandeep, Sukumar, Vidya for regularly visiting and commenting on my blog. I would like to thank Susheel and Sharath for trying to understand the fast lyrics of Seheri and posting here. Keep visiting the blog and leave your valuable comments for discussion.

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