Sunday, April 25, 2010

These guys are changing the world

There are lot of exciting things happening around the world and this is my attempt to share what I feel will most likely be mainstream.

1. Siri: The virtual personal assistant. They have developed a iPhone app which is an assistant which is as close as you can get to real assistant. And the semantic web, which was being talked about with much promise is finally showing its utility. You can book restraunts, flight tickets, movie tickets concert tickets, call a taxi  all with just voice commands. And whats more is that the assistant will listen to what you are saying and will learn about you with AI and recommend better things to you. And ofcourse, they are expanding into more and more domains. I think it is the future of communication and web experience.

2. Ted: I was introduced to Ted two years back where people come and give talks about lot of things in the world. It is all about ideas which can change the world. You can never under estimate what a stroke of inspiration can do to you. That is the importance of Ted. It invites speakers from all over the world who have great ideas and introduces them to WHAT IS POSSIBLE. I have already shared with you many talks in my blog about the speech of Shukla Bose a woman who is changing the world by teaching slum dwellers. There is a video of a poor Africa, who designed his own wind mill to generate power where there was none. There are many such stories in TED and I think it is making the world much much much better.

3. Facebook: Its not that Facebook has not already changed the world, but with their f8 announcement of a new open graph, they are about to take over the web. Every thing we do is going to be recorded (ofcourse, with our permission only) and it will form our social graph. Our likes and dislikes, our shopping habits, our reading habits everything will be recorded and made available to the world at large. These will be shared with your friends and with the world. What they will do with this data is unthinkable now, but will need only a few months before the applications start using this data to build applications which we never even imagined. Welcome to the next level of internet.

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