Monday, April 19, 2010

Imagine One Government For the Whole World. via Wikipedia
I was listening to a Ted Talk by Gordon brown, the British Prime Minister where he explored the following questions in an interview to Chris Anderson
Can the interests of an individual nation be reconciled with humanity's greater good? Can a patriotic, nationally elected politician really give people in other countries equal consideration?

Gordon Brown argues that the current problems of Humanity cannot be solved by one country alone, take the problems of the world cannot be solved by any single country alone. For example, take the economic crisis or the problem of global warming. It requires co-ordinated effort from every country. This led me to think if a global government was possible. Currently there is UN which doesn't have the power to be a good center of the world power. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be a wonderful concept. But it would be great. Imagine the world being a single country, where a poor state actually gets money from a rich state for its development. Doesn't it do wonders? Can it not reduce the economic inequalities from the world. Yes, Yes you might be thinking it is just wishful thinking but just thinking its possible, I am sure that would bring lasting world peace. Ofcourse lot has to be done for the world to reach there though. The recent credit crisis of Greece is a stark example of how a country with a weaker currency comes into the big league. Ofcourse, even if it happens it should be mostly like the federation of states than a centralist country like India. Only that way would there be a chance of that union to stick together. There would be no aggression of state over the other - o.k not completely but they would be solved without resorting to arms. Ofcourse, we are long way from there, but I feel that would be the most stable way for the whole world.
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