Monday, February 19, 2018

Journal Daily

We all get somewhat lost in our daily grind. So we all need time everyday to catch our breath and decide what this is all about.

We all decide to do something but during the course of a busy day forget what we wanted to do. We need to remind our minds to keep the things we want to do on top of the head.

We have some thought which keep going round and round. We would like to calm in down and find some resolution.

We have some rough idea about something we want to do. We want to build it out.

The answer to all these is to write a journal. Previously I used to keep a diary on and off about I the things I did yesterday but I would always fall out of habit of that as that didn't feel much useful.
But I found a better method which not only helps me keep my cadence but also makes writing my journal extremely useful. I decided to journal about how to spend my day ahead. As I have written above, it is a place to catch my breath on why I am doing what I'm doing. It is a place to keep reminding myself of things I ought to do. A place to write down and calm all the circular thoughts in my mind. It is a place elaborate the tiny sparks of ideas I have. It is a place to mentally create what I want to do during the day so that our subconscious can keep that in mind and act accordingly.

It is also a keystone habit that can alter the course of the day and make the day smoother. Try it. 

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