Monday, February 5, 2018

Manage your energy

I come home at 6:30 PM and then have dinner and try to play with my son before preparing for the next day by sleeping etc.

But I feel I'm out of energy by that time, but I want to have enough energy left to do what I want to do.

I found the following advice from the power of full engagement by Tony Schwartz. Here are some things that spoke to me.

Our bodies have a natural 90 - 120 minute cycle where it goes from highly alert and focused state to a concentration trough where it is distracted and unable to concentrate. During this time, it is best to take a break and so something unrelated to work.

If you're stressed and reach out to a default something to beat it like smoking or mindless browsing, try replacing it with deep breathing instead.

If you're feeling emotionally down or depressed, the best solution is to find things for which you are grateful for and express appreciation for them. That will bring you out of your depression and make you feeling good.

If you want to do some things daily but they seem to get squeezed out of your schedule, then try making rituals out of them so that you both allocate some time for them and also they become part of your daily routine.

Of course the other regular advice of be focused, serially single task, work on long term leverage activties - our usual focus rules help.

Then eat healthy, exercise and drink plenty of water - regular diet and exercise advice help too.

Once a day connect with your why - Why are you doing what you're doing - Meditate or journal about this. This will help clarify and recommit to your goals and start the day with more energy.

It is a good time to remember the future self test- Will what I'm doing now help or hinder my future self. Always try to help it as your future will become present soon enough!

Engage fully with what your'e doing and be grateful! 

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