Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm Tagged - Things I love

My friend Sandy, has tagged me for two things..

Tell me three good things about myself..and tag others. and notify them in their blogs to carry on the tag.

Tell seven things that nobody knows...and tag seven others and notify them..

So three good things about myself...

1. I always make a sincere effort at being honest. I don't like to cheat anyone even the government.
2. I will take life as it comes and accept whatever happens.. .
3. I generally live by the motto - 'sontha labham koncham manukoni porugu vadiki todu padavoyi' said by Gurujada Apparao - which means (We should sacrifice some of self-mindedness and help our neighbours in need)

Now seven things which others don't know about me... Not many if you see my profile, you will know all about them..but let me say them again.

1. I am a big dreamer.. I always dream of a place where all the people of the world live in co-operation, honestly . All the crime and this cheating in the world perishes. etc. Following these thoughts, I supported LokSatta which promised a just society. And I also introduced non-conventional ideas like single world govt and VenusProject here.
2. I believe that lack of proper education in values is the main reason for the current ills facing India. Hence education is one topic which is close to my heart.  The current system of education doesn't really make use of the individual abilities and interests of the students. Many alternative approaches like homeschooling - (A homeschooling student was the youngest to clear IIT JEE this year.) and non-degree education are being practiced in the world. I have written extensively about it in Parikrama foundation profile, to this govt I vote. If you need a full perspective listen to this talk by Ken Robinson, about how schools kill creativity, and Atanu dey's posts on education.
3. I am big supporter of Renewable energy production methods. You all know how the electricity situation is in India and hence exploring the sources of energy is important. I have written about how U.S govt is supporting them and written about the possible future here.
4. I love reading and I think in an average day I read atleast 20 different blog posts. And ofcourse I like music and movies too. I am a regular visitor of idlebrain, and movie buff blogs  I think there is ample proof of it in this blog ;)
5. I am a fan of Google and the way they have revolutionized the internet.I have publicly shown my love for them here and here. I am also a tech enthusiast. I regularly visit Techcrunch and Techmeme. Currently I am very much interested in Android and Android development.
6. Something critical of me: I think I am easily distracted and I am not practical enough. Ofcourse, seeing all the things above, you could have easily figured it out. But I am sure big dreams are required now. It might seem big for India at the present moment but I am sure this is possible and will be done someday. And for my part will have to stop living in dream world and come out to make those dreams a reality.
7. Lastly, I am an atheist and have arrived here with lot of thinking aloud. To know my reasoning read my arguments here and here.

Thanks to Sandy for tagging me. This has been a very good post, mostly summarizes the themes of this blog.
Now to tag people, I don't know anyone. All my followers don't have a blog and those who have already have been tagged. But I ask any of the commenters to carry this tag forward.
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