Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Story of how my - 'Pride went before a fall'

I have written the story of my grammar and handwriting here. Now I will write about one more incident concerning my English teacher.

I was pretty good at academics in my class. My ma'm was aware of that. But she was aware of one thing I was not aware of. One day we were having a refresher of previous days class. I was asked a question. I was not able to answer. And I was standing there with head seeing the ground, unable to face her. And that was when I heard the line "Pride goes before a fall". I didn't understand what she was trying to say. What was I proud? No I never spoke condescendingly of anyone. I always gave everyone respect. So I ignored it. This was in II standard.

Then in my V standard, one day I didn't do my homework. And again she made me stand with a head looking into the ground. My class teacher came into the room to make some announcement. I felt very bad standing like that in front of my class teacher and suddenly I started crying. Then I heard the dreaded words again - "Pride goes before a fall"

After that I again had the same analysis done and concluded that I was not to take it seriously.

And the final time I heard it the last time was in my X standard, one day when she was questioning everyone and most of the class was standing for not being able to answer the question. I was able to answer the question asked to me and I was sitting. I looked at one of my friend Biswajit and started smiling. My expression was one of concern - like I am sorry that you are not able to answer the question. But I couldn't say the words - I just smiled at him. He too smiled back. My teacher watched him and started scolding him. He told that I was laughing and she started scolding me. I tried to explain that I was just concerned about him. But she wouldn't have any of that. She continued scolding me and I started crying. And then she let out the dreaded sentence - "Pride goes before a fall".

And I was reminded of all those events where I was being chastised with this line used on me and I always that I was unfairly being scolded all these times. But this time I couldn't ignore it. But I couldn't understand it.

Ten years have passed since and now I feel I understand it. What she was trying to tell me was - not to get so caught up in the fact that you study well so much that you cannot handle failure with grace. You would do well to remember your roots. 

It is very easy to get all wrapped up and identifying ourselves with the work we are doing, company we are in etc. But we should never forget the fact that everything is ephemeral in the world and hence we should live with humility. 

Point taken ma'm.
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