Friday, July 9, 2010

To Each his own and other musings...!!!

 Role of government:   Should the government bail out the banks? So should we become a company too big to fail? While not bailing the banks out would have been catastrophic, what is the limit? Sometimes, it looks like a world described in Atlas Shrugged is good, but is it really true? Would you really ignore a dying friend who couldn't fend for himself? What about children etc ?  It looks like completely selfish pursuit as described in Atlas Shrugged cannot be possible. Somewhere government should enter? Where is it and what are its limits? There is no right answer to this. I think there is no stable defined role for the government. It just has to cater to the existing demands of the people in the best way it sees. Hence, by design, it cannot satisfy everyone. To each his own. One person may see it as right and one may see it as wrong and the result can only be seen a long time later and sometimes never. Seeing this, I am getting more and more confidence on the fact that there is no one truth. To each his own.

In the Dream World: I have had many many ideas but very very few have seen the light of the day. That is enough proof that I am living more in the brain and less in the real world. May be I am becoming a philosopher. i.e not only giving out unproven theories but trying to live them. Not that it is wrong but I feel that I should live more in this world. The ideas are not bad but my mistake lies in trying to do them all alone. Slowly but surely I am realizing that we need good company to live in this world to lift us when we are down and for being lifted when they are down, to support each other and to push each other when other slacks. I had such good company in India in Sandy, but in the US with work taking most of the time and remaining time being spent on cooking and cleaning, there is very little time. But I think that should not be an excuse to not do anything.I have always kept to myself and lived an introvert. I have to connect more and live more in this world if I wish to realize most of my dreams.

No single madness aka passion: I am not sure if this is a problem. I have lot of interests good governance, education with values, good web sites, blogs, green energy, music and movies. Any thing in these fields I devour it. While reading each of it, I learn something new, I get new actionable ideas and feel inspired but with reading so much in so little time, at the end of the day I am not able to remember anything and it looks as if I haven't read anything at all. And it looks as if I am wasting the time. Though in reality, I am enjoying the time, I am feeling guilty of not utilizing the time well. Why this paradox? Though I am hopeful that my knowledge will one day come helpful, I am afraid of the fact that I might keep feeling guilty till that day comes.. !!! Sometimes, I feel if only I had only one madness or passion, I might have excelled in it and would have spared you of this long broody posts :)

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