Monday, January 1, 2007

My most visited sites in 2006.

As for most of the people this is my the default page on the internet. What is new this year is that I have customized my home page to include the rss feeds from the blogs that I frequent,a crossword puzzle, gmail and some photos which keep scrolling. This is the first thing I visit daily.

This is the place I visit for the latest breaking national and international news. I used to visit it more frequently but now the news is not getting updated in realtime.Now I mostly use rediff for news

Even after lot of mail services launched, none has made me leave yahoo mail completely. This year it launched a new outlook type reading pane interface which made me hook to it completely.

I joined this in febrauary 2006. This is a place where I keep in touch with my friends without really chatting or talking but just by reading their scraps. I fell in love with the orkut communities which have given me access to lot of lovely books which I would have never read otherwise.

This is the best news site for indian news in my opinion. I always spend atleast 15 minutes whenever I visit this site. Cricket is covered well. There are lot of news comments and also inspiring stories. Its rediff bol messenger allows us to send sms to any mobile in india free of cost.

This has opened my eyes to the world outside and the various blogs that regularly discuss the issues of software and the internet. This is my best find for the year.

This is a site I learnt through orkut and I am using it for uploading and downloading various files. I have downloaded all the best sellers from this site. My favourite find of 2006

This IM has made possible IM conversations even when lot of companies including mine blocked the IM communication through firewalls. It has also allowed simultaneous communication over two different service provided and hence attracted me very much.

This is also one site which never loses its popularity. It is the best online encyclopedia in the world and I have used it for numerous searches and sometimes to finish my never ending books by reading the plot from that site

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