Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Movie Experience

I was very bored by yesterday evening after talking wishing everyone a happy new year and catching up on the phone. I wanted to go to a movie. But there were very few telugu movies which were declared hit which I would have directly gone. Missing them I had to decide which movie to go. My brother said he was not interested in coming to a movie I thought I had to go without a movie when suddenly a friend of my cousin came to our house and asked us to come to a movie. I had the jagapathi babu starrer "Pellaina Kottalo" in my mind. But as people were more interested in going to Annavaram and due to lack of company I also accepted to come to annavaram. I expected that I will get tickets easily because the movie was not a very big hit and people were calling it average at the best. But yesterday being The New Year day, everyone came to a movie and hence it was the black ticketers day out. The were hoarding the tickets very badly. But then the movie was released in four theateres in close proximity and I hoped to get tickets in atleast one of the four. So we drove to theater after theater in hope of tickets only to be disappointed after not getting tickets there. Finally they all agreed to watch Pellaina Kottalo which I initially had in mind. Eventhough I had to wait for my cousins friend outside the theater for first twenty minutes of the movie, I felt my money was well spent after seeing the movie.

It is a romantic movie about the first few months in the life a newly married couple. Jagapathi babu and priyamani have done a very good job. It is a very good break for priyamani. She is cute, modest in sarees very attractive. Madan's style of taking is also very good. He has put all the ingredients to attract the newly married couple and youth to the movie. The movie is about how a newly married couple who are misled by their elders go to the verge of being seperated, how they realise the mistake and enjoy their life together. The comedy track of sunil and venu madhav is good. The music should have been better. The photography is good. On the whole was a good movie to watch.
The best point is that today one of my friends who comes with me in my bus to office recollected his experience of watching annavaram. He said that it was old wine ( he didn't mean old is gold.. what he really meant was stale) in an old bottle. He said he came out of the movie half an hour before it completed. I chuckled saying I missed the movie ticket for good and enjoyed Pellaina kottalo.

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