Sunday, January 7, 2007

Following New Year resolutions...CAT

I have written in my previous post about my new year resolutions. In that my first wish was to study in a reputed university. I also wished to bell the cat. When we fail doing one the first time, I gives me a special kick to try and conquer that. It is the time when " I can do anything" rings very loudly in me. I wrote CAT in my graduation year. I took coaching in TIME institute but fared very badly in the exam. I got only 75 percentile. I always wanted to do a better job next time. I had stopped preparing for CAT after I joined my present company. I will write the CAT this year and hence if it is to produce a good result, it is imperative that I start preparing from now. So I will track all the best articles on the web on helping you to prepare start and also how I am progressing in my preparation. I was already hooked on to some useful materials on the net on how to prepare for CAT. Before preparing my schedule I wanted to browse through different available strategies and information available. One very good article which I browsed and felt helpful is at

This is written by a IIMA student I think it can be very helpful to all of us. He has stressed the importance of starting early, good coaching, taking tests and practice.
More on CAT preparation later..!

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  1. I missed getting a good percentile in CAT 07 and got 96.9 percentile in CAT 08 but I decided not to join any college