Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Get Alerts on your mobile for free with Google Calendar...

I was trying the google calendar and was trying to find the similarities and dissimilarities with my most used calendar application - MSOutlook. I found that the differences were not in terms of functionality but it was leveraging in its online nature. There was collobaration between calendars, we can search public events. Calendars can be shared. With the help of shared calendar we can map all our telugu holidays in my calendar. It helps for better planning..All these features on one side... I was not convinced about going for google calendar..But one feature is very impressive.. In my opinion, it can make a lot of difference to our schedule and the way we work.. We can configure google calendar to alert us not on the computer screen... but on our mobile phone... Suddenly the possibilities are unlimited.. We are not at the mercy of sitting in front of our system to get an alert. Mobile phone being a ubiquitous device will help us get alerts any where in the world.. If we take enough time to plan our day..then google will do its mite to help us achieve our goals.... Long live Google...!!

Its a superb peice of software and you should surely try it.. If not for anything else... You can atleast set a reminder for your friends birthday so that you dont forget it and get gyan from him for not wishing...!!!!!!! Try it out at Google Calendar and comment about it ...


  1. I haven't recieved the alerts today on my mobile.. I checkout out the sms help and thought the reason probably was

    " Network extremely busy"...Wish it gets sorted out soon.

  2. Now I get a message daily asking me to wake up.. :)