Saturday, January 6, 2007

Predictions for 2007 -- Technology

While I was browsing through the predictions for 2007, I found an interesting poll in one of the predictions at . The predictions were also pretty interesting and comprehensive. Particularly what attracted me most was the poll which was being conducted about technology will help any search engine overtake google.

You may like to participate in the poll. Access the pol from the above link only.

The poll is like this

Just watch the different options for that poll. They are different search options like Artificial Intelligence,

people powered search, previews,clustering,visualization,vertical search,personalized search, social search....! Oh I never knew there were these many search technologies.. And see the companies based on these technologies, the world is trying hard to beat google.. and by the way I am going to post on general understanding of each technology and how it may affect google.

I havenot tried all the sites there but I have seen, Snap, Live Image Search, Technorati.. All these are powerful alternatives to google.

The Snap and Live Image search can be really helpful to view the preview of the site without going to the site in the result. is completely user submitted links and are really helpful but they are not complete, still some good information can lurk without a
ny user having submitting a link to So it has to mature to be more useful to users.

Technorati uses a better way it counts the inbound and outbound links from a site, number of times it had been favor
ited in technorati and based on traffic rankings from and lot of other criteria it ranks the pages and they are really very good results. It can even now be used as an alternative to google especially for blogs.

Are you not excited to know the result of the poll?? The poll is not yet closed but I would paste the results till know

So the world believes that personalized search(22%) can topple google with considerable proportion believing that artificial intelligence(20%) will do the trick. People who support me also are not less (19%) for people powered search. Read my previous article on thinking beyond google . I think vertical search is also notable(14%). Lets wait and see which technology will take the lead in toppling google off its seat...or we have to see whether google will make itself better by adopting any of the technologies given here..! Only time can tell that.!

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