Monday, January 1, 2007

A New Year Dawns

Twenty years have passed from the time I was born. From my days of tenth standard, I have made new year resolutions only to break them. But still I make them just to orient my thoughts as to where they are going. There have been lot of thoughts brewing in my mind now I am unable to make up my mind on what to write in the blog. I love solitude and staying alone and whenever I am alone, I day dream of all things I want to be in my life. I have decided to chronicle the thoughts which I get the most so that I can get closer to my purpose in life.

I wish to study in a very reputed university-- I got this thought after reading the novels of Jeffrey Archer, Sidney Sheldon and John Grisham about university life and how great it is. So I want to crack CAT this time so that I can be part of a great institution.

I wish to contribute to the society. I want to make people realise the importance of education and how our perspective develops after good education. I want to make people question atleast the most blatant frauds and deceptions in the society. I still haven't thought out a way of doing this.

Again blame it on the novels I read I want to be very very rich only to roam around the world to desired places as and when I think of them. For this I want to be financially independent and to have other means of income than the regular salary I get monthly.

Next thought is to be more understanding of people and be truthful to the maxim - "A friend in need is friend indeed". To be frank, I love being alone. I dont know why but I have never completely opened up to people except to a very few. Hence I want to be more open and more helpful to people in my daily life. On the whole in the end what matters is

" You are rich or poor in life by

Smiles around you..
People you are with..
Friends you make..
Ideas you have..
Dreams you chase...
And the love you spread.."

I have been dreaming about these things from my childhood. I want to make better progress on each of these spheres this year and this is the place where I observe my progress.

"Every morning as we wake up we have two choices:
1. To go back to sleep and dream
2. To get up and chase the dreams."

I have slept for long .. Now its time for me to wake up and chase my dreams.. Wish you all a very happy 2007.

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