Sunday, January 14, 2007


I watched guru yesterday... I was expecting it to be better than Yuva which had disappointed me with an abrupt climax...

The story is about a villager, Gurukanth Desai, who first goes to turkey, sees success there and then comes to India to start his own "biznaz" here. For sufficient capital, he marries his friends sister, Aishwarya for dowry with which he starts his business in Mumbai. Bureaucracy prevents him from setting his shop.. which gurukanth with the help of a paper run by Mithun, successfully overcome to set his shop. From there how Guru takes the business from a small company to biggest company in India is worth watching. The twists are good.

Finally Mithun and his star reporter, madhavan successfully expose his shady deals, how he bribed his way through the government, how he evaded paying taxes and excise frauds. He is put in jail and he has paralysis suddenly. Still the court scene of his trial is very well taken.

Everyone has acted very well. Music is good. Barso re, Tere bina.. are superb.

People may feel that the entertainment value is less, there are very little jokes and fights..But it is a very good movie to watch..

The taking is also excellelent. The song runs in the background with the story like hollywood movie.. Excellent Class Movie.. worth watching for the actors.. Screenplay should have been better...

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