Saturday, January 6, 2007

Get A Free Art of the Start - Signed by Guy Kawasaki

There is this website called which is a site to profile the start-ups in India. It has news and views on the start-ups based in India. Wish it will become something like to India. In order to publicize the site as well as startups in india, this site has started a unique offer. It is offering famous book by Guy Kawasaki ( Author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" ) , "Art of the start" book signed by the guy itself. It can be obtained it two ways. One you can write articles about the startups-- You can tell how and what related to a startup. You write those essays, publish in your blogs or somewhere else but post the link in the comments below the topic and you can stand to win a book for free or else if you just write about this scheme in any blog also you can win it if you are lucky. Go to this page and check it..

You can read the review of the book at

visit the blog of kawasaki at

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