Wednesday, January 10, 2007

US Launches Attacks on Somalia

US has done it again. It had once again proved its narcissm. I dont understand why US behaves it is the Godfather of the world. It has done this time and time again. Afghanistan, Iraq and now its Somalia's turn. Whats more funny is the fact that it has got an easy guise in the name of terrorism to attack anyone in the world. It can enter in to a war and either say it is protecting the country or that it is aggresive. Whatever the reason may be the US is going forward with its imperialistic policies. Now its his ally Osama bin Laden and his group again have come to the help of Bush and his administration to declare a war on Somalia. Its ironical that the warlords which they were against when they interfered previously, the same warlords are being supported now by the US government to further its causes. Its a dangerously unipolar world now and US is acting on its whims and fancies... which often lead to degrading the situation.

Previously in 1993 TheUN/U.S. intervention led directly to the triumph of the warlords, who plundered, raped, and murdered their way through the streets of Mogadishu, the Somalian capital, and reduced the country to Mad Max territory. In response, an "Islamic courts" movement sprang up to impose some sort of cohesion on a rapidly disintegrating social order. The business community and public opinion rallied behind these courts, which were and are all that stand between civilization and savagery in Somalia.

The current situation in somalia is best shown by the BBC article.

" work at a check-point, where we stop passenger buses, taxis and good trucks but if we see a vehicle with its own security guards, we leave them alone.
The amount we charge depends on how much the truck is carrying.
If it's fully laden, we can charge up to 1m shillings ($60) but if it's only carrying a half load, we only charge 500,000 sh.
For a minibus, we charge 50,000 sh for the full day and then an extra 10,000 in the evening.
If the driver doesn't pay, we won't let him through. "

Is it good for the world to allow America to unilaterally persue its agenda? I dont think America will ever win its war on terror. Then it will lose one very good reason to forward its agenda, force any country to submission and still pose as the saviour of the world.

Read more on this at antiwar...fdsf

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